Fibromyalgia and Temperature Sensitivity

All About Fibromyalgia and Temperature Sensitivity!

 Temperature fluctuations and weather changes can cause certain health issues in your body.

As some studies have found many people who are suffering from rheumatic problems tend to experience more pain as the weather changes.

Among all rheumatic conditions, fibromyalgia is the most popular muscular issue faced by many which are triggered largely by changing temperature.

However, this condition is seen to be elevated when the temperature rises or drops down heavily and according to reports put forward by scientists, patients suffering from fibromyalgia face severe pain during extreme summers as well as intense winters.

With the fluctuation in temperature outside, your body too feels different temperature level which is generally called temperature sensitivity of your body.

Such painful experience has led people to move to other parts of the country where the temperature remains moderate.

Thus, Fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity makes your body go through a worrisome experience.

What is Fibromyalgia?

First of all, I must tell you what fibromyalgia is. It is counted as the second most popular musculoskeletal condition, first being osteoarthritis.

It is marked by muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and some more symptoms. It also sometimes leads to problems of anxiety and depression leading to social isolation.

You may experience a high sensitivity at certain body parts as they become too much tender. All this pushes you in the state of sleep deprivation and restlessness.

How does Fibromyalgia Disturb Body Temperature?

The temperature of the body is regulated by the hypothalamus, the section of the brain that ensures the production of the hormone.

This part of the brain is taken into consideration as a link between the nervous system and the endocrine system.

Hypothalamus not just performs the function of controlling and maintaining body temperature but also keeps hold of other body functions like energy levels, sleep cycle, muscular function, the gut, blood circulation and also it provides defense against infection.

However, in fibromyalgia, this balance in hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis which controls hormone levels gets disturbed and as a result body temperature to becomes imbalanced.

How do Fibromyalgia and Temperature Sensitivity Cause Pain?

Fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity are two common terms in the list of health issues.

In fibromyalgia, we often observe three kinds of temperature sensitivity, first in which patients are heat sensitive, second where patients are prone to cold sensitivity and the third where people feel sensitive to both heat and cold.

First of all, let us talk about fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity caused by heat where people get an all-over heat sensation in the body that is thought to come from within the body itself.

These heat sensations are commonly termed as hot flashes. Excessive sweating, puffiness, and ache in hands and feet are some other pain causing results of Fibromyalgia with heat sensitivity.

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This situation is intensified with an increase in the temperature around as then the patients have a deal with excessive heat coming from the body as well as from the atmosphere. This sometimes results in heat stroke and heat rashes that are serious concerns.

Whereas people with cold sensitivity generally feel cold chills reaching to the bones and find it difficult warming themselves up.

This chillness could be experienced throughout the body or just restricted to your hands and feet.

This condition is often heightened by the cold weather leading to color changes in skin due to coldness.

However, there are some people who experience fluctuations between being hot and cold.

Such people who are sensitive to both heat and cold can be seen sweating with hot flashes at one moment while freezing in the next.

Fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity to both heat and cold can be very challenging and makes the disease even worse.

Fibromyalgia and Temperature Sensitivity

What are the Possible Measures to be Taken in the case of Fibromyalgia and Temperature Sensitivity?

Fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity as we have already noticed is a painful situation but it can be controlled to some extent if we follow certain measures and take some safety oriented steps.

However, these cautions are different with a different type of conditions as we know that fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity in patients can be of three types, therefore, measures taken to rectify or at least control fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity are also taken accordingly.

To avoid facing constant heat flashes you should take following cautions:

– You must try to keep yourself cool by maintaining a cool atmosphere around yourself.

– The type of cloth you wear is also an important factor in this direction and therefore you should make a proper choice of your clothes.

You should go for loose clothes that are also lightweight so that they don’t stick to your body causing sweat to produce.

Also, you must choose light colors to wear and they keep you cooler than dark colored that are heat absorbers.

– You should keep yourself hydrated all the time and therefore you must drink plenty of cold water to avoid worse conditions.

– You should go for cool showers or sometimes simply soak your feet in cold water so that it lowers down your body temperature and saves it from getting warm.

– You should also keep cooling products like a cold pack or fan with you even while you are traveling.

To be safe from fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity problems caused by cold you should do the following:

  • You should try to keep your surroundings warm with room heaters and other possible options.
  • You should not avoid dressing well, particularly in cold weather. You should also pay more attention to keeping your feet covered by wearing socks and slippers.
  • You should increase the intake of hot food items, liquids, and another foodstuff.
  • You should go for warm baths.
  • When you go for outings you must carry your blankets and heating pads so as to avoid adverse conditions.

Fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity issues that involve threat from both heat and cold, you should take the following mentioned measures:

  • You should be well prepared for both the situations and therefore, it is better either to dress up in layers or make extra layers available to you.
  • You should also go for temperature regulating sheets while sleeping in order to avoid uneasy outcomes from fibromyalgia and temperature sensitivity.


  1. Mariet Viljoen

    Living with fibro recently diagnosed. Want to learn more about this illness.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I wish that I could tell you that it gets easier but it doesn’t. There are Fibromyalgia groups on FaceBook that were a tremendous support and wealth of knowledge. Also go on Pintrest and search Finromyalgia and you will be amazed at all of the articles and info. Hope this helps a little. Sometimes Hospitals have support group meetings too. Gentle hugs and best wishes..

      • Michele Teufel

        I’m in a support group on Facebook and I have a board on Pinterest titled, “Human Malfunction”. Feel free to stop by. And, my sympathy for you and all the other recent newcomers to this horrible disease. It doesn’t get better, in fact, (with me) it progressively gets worse. I have Dysphonia, Dystonia, corneal erosion and too much to list. It just gets depressing. I can tell you to keep going until you find a good doctor and one that understands that you will have to go through MANY meds until you find something that helps (you’ll never find the “magic cure all”), which may mean taking several different meds for different symptoms around the clock. And, yes……. depression is a part of this disease as well and you should not be ashamed of it. But, antidepressants can be used to help with some of the other symptoms even if you aren’t depressed (they can help with insomnia and/or help aid any pain meds. I’m going to stop rambling on, ’cause I could write about this all day. Wishing everyone wellness and improvement. SMILES!!!

  2. Gill Foster

    Recently in Highlands of Scotland weather changes are all the time. What is best as indicated get hot flashes badly

  3. Kristine Anderson

    Temp sensitivity caused me to move from MN to South FL! I can be miserable at times when the temp is one degree off. Heat is easier than cold for me by far, but I believe extreme heat affects people as they age. I’ve had Fibro for 33 years, before it even had a name.

  4. Phyllis Close

    I found the information on temperature sensitivity to be informative. I am extremely heat sensitive. Estradiol gives some relief but it is still very uncomfortable. I keep the A/C low, drink a lot of water, avoid the sun, etc.

    This is just one more miserable symptom of fibromyalgia!

  5. Shameakia.

    I was diagnosed 3 years ago this summer by far is the worst the biggest pain is that I dont have a good doctor to treat me

  6. georgia york

    I was diagnosed in Feb of 2009. I’m am 53 yrs old now. I stumbled upon this site at 3 am this mornin. I am so excited I have to say. I can’t stop reading every word of every article and issue. I have an extremely hard time to find a Dr or anyone who understands fine I. My life has nit been same I’m not the same. I MiSS ME. I tell dr and everyone for that matter if I’m like this at 53 I don’t want to know what I’ll be like at 60 or mire. I’m seriously scared to death. I actually have every single issue all the way from temp sensitivity to hearing things no one else hears. The best way to describe how I feel is I wish and can see myself just unzipping this entire body and stepping out if it walk sway and never feeling all this ever again.

    • Billie Bowery

      Yep….. that’s how I feel! ! I’m 55 and was diagnosed approximately 8-9 years ago. It just keeps progressing. I am hot and cold both.. sometimes at the same time! And I just told my physical therapist yesterday I wish I could just walk away from my body. I want a do over!! I miss being me and not being able to enjoy my life. I get jealous of my old school mates that are enjoying life. I want to have a life….. I can’t even imagine where I’ll be at 80 years old. I feel every bit that now!! It makes me sad and I cry!! Hang in there sister!

  7. Thank you so much for addressing this issue. I have been suffering from what I thought were hot flashes, where I would be soaking wet from sweat….then minutes later would be freezing. I would jokingly say I was either hot or cold, and never in between. Went to my gynecologist and request hormone test as I thought it was menopause. Blood work came back normal. Once again, as is often the case with fibro symptoms, I thought I was going crazy!! But tah-dah… it is. I’m not going crazy-this is actually happening to me. This horrible disease just gets worse and worse. But thank you for information and the comments from others who also suffer

    • I too suffer with these awful hot flashes, I’m constantly dripping with sweat and I find it so embarrassing that I have to keep dabbing at myself with hankies that I carry with me specifically for this purpose. I can’t wear anything thicker than a t-shirt as this makes it worse. I always have to explain to people that because of my illness I can’t regulate my temperature and I’m sure they all just think I’m making excuses. I would do anything to not be a hot, sweaty lady any more!

      • OMG you just described myself. I cannot leave my house without a cloth and/or fan. I am so sick and tired of this. Bad enough having the fibromyalgia but all the other symptoms that goes along with it sucks the life out of me. Glad to know it isn’t only me that goes thru this excessive sweating, but sad to know that someone else suffers thru it!

  8. I am 37. Diagnosed 1 year ago. I am both heat and cold sensitive. I am also developing some anxiety it seems. Highly irritated very quickly. My body is always burning it seems. I read all articles I can find. Some are helpful.

  9. Amparo Hernandez

    Pain is horrible! I was diagnosed wth fibromyalgia 4 yrs ago never up on it or anything didn’t even concern my now this last yr its worse I had to leave my job. I’m always in pain sometimes I’m in bed 3 to 4 days in roll cuz of pain! About 3 weeks ago i noticed hot flashes and goodness they are horrible. I didn’t know I would hot flashes wth fibromyalgia! And I’m a both hot and cold person it could so hot outside and im inside wth cold hands and feet! Its crazy.God bless everyone wth this awful chronic pain tht we live wth!

  10. I am so happy I found this I have felt like I am all alone I am in pain all the time and from hot to cold in minutes . My family try to understand but they can’t they get very frustrated with me they just don’t understand what I’m going through I don’t depression and anxiety all the time constantly dealing with the pain skin sensitivity hot and cold sensitivity irritable like crazy a lot of times I just feel like I’m crazy I just want to say thanks for all your comments I now know I am not alone..

  11. I have been put on a medication for my Fibromyalgia and the only thing it did help with is my hot flashes. I seriously need to find an actual cure for them so I can get off this medication as it has caused my other symptoms to worsen exponentially. And it’s very, very hard to get off of due to the withdrawals – Lyrica! At first I thought it was a miracle cure because the hot flashes were constant and had me truly miserable. There has to be an alternative to this besides carrying around an air conditioner!!

  12. I have had fybromialga in combination with R. A. was forced to take three different antidepressant meds symaltainesly to stop fybromialga pain and side effects. Have problems with both hot and cold. Recently received information about HGH treatment that might help fybromialga sufferers. Also treatment for men and women is different because of effects are different.

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