Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Tips to Overcome of Fibromyalgia Motion Sickness

For those who have fibromyalgia, while they may notice the pain more than anything, there are also other side effects that go along with this. These side effects can make an illness that is already bad become worse overnight it seems. One of these symptoms is having motion sickness. Motion […]

Fibromyalgia and Hearing Loss: Are they Connected?

Many fibromyalgia patients often complain about having issues with their ears. Are these two issues related? The problem is that most people who are being affected by fibromyalgia often feel horrible and they often tend to think that they just have another problem to deal with rather than this being […]

5 Natural Remedies For Fibromyalgia Inflammation

This is a question that runs in the mind of people for several years. There have been continuous researches carried out to understand whether fibromyalgia can cause inflammation or not. From various studies, it was identified that the people who are affected by fibromyalgia show lack of inflammation. There are […]

Is Fibromyalgia Actually A Central Nervous Disorder

Fibromyalgia is one of those illnesses that has probably been around for much longer than we think. It is just now that this illness is starting to gain the attention that it needs. More and more people are being diagnosed with this. In the past, many people were misdiagnosed as […]