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Change your Environment and Regain Your Life when Fighting Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Environmental therapy is an alternative form of treatment to help fight fibromyalgia.

Through changing your environment you can decrease your exposure to negative elements, increase your intake of positive minerals, adjust your home to help you feel at ease, and increase your positive relationships.

Your personal environment, as well as your work environment, can be adjusted to make you feel the best you can at all times.

With these changes you will be able to regain your life in your fight against the day to day symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Hair Analysis Tests

A new and innovative way to see if environmental factors are affecting your body is to have a hair analysis completed. There are a variety of tests available and each will have different chemicals and elements that it tests for.

You can test for toxic elements such as lead, mercury and even arsenic. You can also test for the level of natural elements such as calcium, sodium and potassium.

By doing a hair analysis you can see what environmental factors you are exposing yourself to as well as which minerals you need to add as supplements into your diet because they are too low.

The hair analysis tests usually take about a week to complete and will come back with an in-depth description of the areas you have scores which are out of the normal range.

Important Minerals

Changing your environment may involve adding more of certain minerals into your diet or reducing other minerals. Some important minerals for individuals struggling with fibromyalgia are magnesium, sodium, potassium and zinc.

If any of these important minerals are too low it can significantly contribute to your overall health. You can feel tired, run down, and have sore muscles when these minerals are too low.

Another mineral that can cause sore muscles when it is not in the proper range is aluminum. When your aluminum levels are high your body is having difficulty ridding itself of toxins.

Your body needs to increase its ability to eliminate toxins which you can do by exercising more, drinking water and staying active throughout the day.

Alternative vs Traditional Therapy

Environmental therapy is considered an alternative therapy in your fight against fibromyalgia syndrome.

You are not taking a pill prescribed by a doctor as in traditional therapy; instead you are changing the environment around you to make you feel better.

This involves the elements and minerals around you as well as the physical environment such as where you sleep, eat, and work.

Some people believe you need to choose one type of therapy over the other, but the truth is; you can combine alternative and traditional therapy as part of your day to day life.

Sleeping Environment

Sleeping Environment

Getting a good night sleep is one of the most important aspects of life for all of us. Your body needs to be able to fully regenerate without interruptions.

If you are sleeping in a room that is too hot or too cold, you may be waking up throughout the night as your body readjusts to the temperature.

Or if you sleep in an uncomfortable bed or even have a blanket that you are allergic to, these things can have a huge effect on the quality of sleep you are getting.

Poor sleep will make it more difficult for you to feel well and fight against your fibromyalgia. Make the necessary changes to your sleeping environment to ensure you are getting a restful sleep each evening.

positive relationships

Your Home

In our homes there are many things that can contribute to our environment and our fibromyalgia. Your hair strand test can reveal some of these, such a lead exposure or other toxic exposures.

But beyond the toxic elements that could be present; your home could have other environmental issues that need changing.

Using environmental therapy might involve rearranging your furniture to help you feel more relaxed, or changing the paint color in a room to a more relaxing shade.

Don’t be afraid to look at the changes you can make in your home that will help you feel relaxed when you need to relax and more motivated when you need to be motivate. Your home can help serve you in your battle against fibromyalgia.


Changing your exposure to elements and increasing your positive minerals are all ways to help you feel better. These changes can also help you feel more relaxed with your relationships in your home as well as at work.

Having positive relationships is an integral part to your physical and mental wellbeing. When you feel positive about your relationship with your spouse it will be easier for you to communicate and be intimate with each other.

Let your spouse or other family members help with changing the home environment to make it more therapeutic to you and the whole family.

It will instantly change the mood in your home if everyone is feeling more at ease because of the positive environment of the home.

Work Environment

Although it is not always possible to change your work environment you can make small changes or even change jobs if necessary to improve the environment for your own health.

If you work at an office, you can make adjustments to the ergonomic aspects of your work desk and chair to see if you feel more energy.

You can make adjustments to the pictures on your wall or the items on your desk to help drive a positive environment for you while you are working.

If your hair test shows anything concerning that you think you are exposing yourself to at work, see if it is possible to enlist the help of your employer to make necessary changing for your own health.

Traditional medical therapy can help you with the medications and physical therapy you need to fight your fibromyalgia syndrome.

You can also use environmental therapy to help give you an overall positive outlook for your life.

Through environmental therapy you can adjust your exposure to items that make a negative impact on your symptoms and increase your exposure to positive environmental aspects of your life.