fibromyalgia and chest pain

Chest Pains and Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia and chest pain

The condition of fibromyalgia, called fibro, is characterized by widespread pain, tender points, and other symptoms.

If you have the condition of fibro, chances are that you have experienced chest pain related to fibro. However, don’t panic- this is a very common symptom of the condition of fibro.

It is Fibro or Something More?

While it is true that your shooting, stabbing chest pain is often caused by your condition of fibro, it could be caused by something else.

Only your physician will be able to make this diagnosis accurately- and only after all of the necessary testing has been performed.

Since chest pain can have an effect on all of your daily living activities, as well as quality and/or enjoyment of life and your sleep patterns, it is critical that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Many individuals have found relief from their fibro-related chest pain (as well as chest pain caused by other conditions) by using what is known as the “water cures protocol.”

This particular protocol requires dissolving a very small amount of salt under your tongue and then drinking a glass of water.

The amount of water you will be required to drink is dependent upon your body weight. Typically, it is 10 percent of your body weight in ounces.

Costochondritis: The Name Gives You a Clue

Costochondritis is a specific type of chest pain. The suffix, “itis” literally means “inflammation of.” The term costochondral refers to the area in your chest called the sternum, which is the costochondral joints.

These are the joints between your ribs and the cartilage that makes up the front of your rib cage. This area is made mostly of cartilage, which does not have any blood circulation directly to it and therefore is at an increased risk of becoming dehydrated.

One of the primary symptoms that are reported with this condition is pain when simply touching the ribs or moving the upper body.

Typically, the pain will be felt only on the left side. However, some individuals report feeling pain only on the right side of the body and still others report feeling pain on both sides of their body.

When you have inflammation in your cartilage, the pain that is experienced is very much like that of a cardiac disease such as a stroke, heart attack, or other cardiac disease. If you’re not sure what the pain of cardiac disease feels like, it is typically compared to cardiac pain.

While it is true that science indicates that there is very little risk for those who experience this type of pain, there are some that disagree.

It seems as if the proof is contrary- because some science states that stress can lead to many health conditions including cardiac disease. In addition, pain can result in greater health problems.

The cause of the inflammation in your chest can also result in inflammation in other areas of your body. Therefore, this type of pain must be treated for reasons besides just the discomfort.

A Healthier Life

Typically, if you can figure out how to eliminate the inflammation, you can also eliminate the pain. The condition of fibro is often referred to as the “arthritis of the muscles.”

When it comes to chest pain related to the condition of fibro, it is referred to as “arthritis of the cartilage.” Therefore, the water cures protocol is a good option for treatment.

As mentioned earlier, due to the fact that there is no direct circulation of blood to your cartilage, it could possibly take much longer for the hydration to take effect. However, once the area has been rehydrated, the pain will go away.

The water cure for chest pain is not only quite effective for the pain related to the condition of costochondritis, but also is quite effective for controlling the chest pain related to the condition of fibro.

It is an effective treatment because conditions such as arthritis and fibro are simply manifestations of chronic electrolyte and fluid imbalance. Once you have corrected this imbalance, the condition and the pain associated with it will disappear.

Why Don’t Physicians Mention This?

The truth is that typically, physicians do not use or recommend natural or holistic treatments. After all, they are not typically there to cure your condition.

Think about it like this: if they cured your condition they would not be able to stay in business. Physicians are in the business to treat, not to cure conditions.

On the other hand, perhaps this is already being used by physicians. Think about it this way: when you are put in the hospital for any reason at all, what is the very first thing you typically receive?

That’s right: a saline IV. This water cure protocol is simply the oral version of the treatment that is used in hospitals all over the world.

After all, typically by the time you reach the point of requiring hospitalization, you are already experiencing severe electrolyte and fluid imbalance.

That is, you are very dehydrated and don’t have the required amount of essential minerals including salt in your body.

Therefore, unless there is some reason not to, why not consider doing the water cures protocol on your own to help with your chest pain related to your condition of fibro?

After all, what do you have to lose? It can only serve to improve your overall health, eliminate your symptoms, and therefore, improve your life.

While it is true that chest pain can have many different causes, it is quite possible that it is related in some way to your condition of fibro.

After all, fibro is characterized by widespread body pain- and your chest is part of your body. However, if there is inflammation present, it is likely caused by another arthritis condition because the condition of fibro does not include inflammation.

Check with your physicians for help in determining what is causing your chest pain and the best ways to treat it and help you to feel better.


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