fibromyalgia and allodynia

The Shared Pain between Fibromyalgia and Allodynia


In these fast moving world people have caught on to the technology but number of health cases have increased rapidly. More and more people are getting sick every day, new diseases are being diagnosed daily.

But the most affecting disease people are scared of are psychological, due to high tension and aggressive work environment people have gone to extends of being hyper active mammals and if we exceed the limit of our natural habitats we get sick which leads me to fibromyalgia and allodynia.

These two medical conditions are on the rise, more and more people have been recorded to have been affected from it. What are they?

Fibromyalgia is pain which is felt in your whole body but cannot be felt by touching or feeling it because most of it is psychological and Allodynia is somewhat similar, you feel everything you touch or be touched gives you a chronic pain that particular area. The details are as follows.

Symptoms and Pain from Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a common medical condition characterized by widespread chronic pain in body especially when you apply pressure on your finger.

To test it simply touch the tip of your thumb and your forefinger as in making an ok sign, if you notice a sharp pain you might have fibromyalgia but to further prove you need to check for further symptoms because some pain might be misleading.

Now if you feel pain or fatigue daily you should take a note and notice that if your pressure points in the body hurt or do you feel nauseous all the time then it’s time to go to the doctor for a thorough check up.

Fibromyalgia is now a common disease affecting people mentally and socially on a very large scale.

Approximately 20 million people worldwide are victims to this disease and most of them are adult women, but its occurrence is recorded among children as well.

Fibromyalgia symptoms are much more than just pain to touch they vary from person to person.

Allodynia and how it gets to you

Allodynia is another medical condition which is very similar to fibromyalgia, touch to anything or anyone or anyone touching you give you a strong chronic pain when it should not.

Mostly Allodynia is the experience of pain from a non-painful touch of skin or light touch leading to strong or sharp pain in that area which is not normal.

Allodynia in simple words mean ‘other pains’ so for example if someone holds your forearm firmly you usual response to pain would be 0 but if you are a victim of allodynia the pain would go to a high 7 or 8 which in most cases should not have occur.

The area being touched seems to generate or simulate such pain which in normal conditions should not have occurred, mostly people who experience migraines regularly are victims to allodynia as many people have complained during migraine small things tend to hurt and irritate.

But the pain or symptoms may vary from person to person. These pains normally occur to people who have been victims to mental abuse as a child and with age catching up this disease causes disturbance in the normal daily routines.

Due to this people have tend to become aggressive in nature or starts getting angry or confused in normal situations.

For most people allodynia resolves as soon as migraines end for a person but it has also been recorded that they may persist longer than your migraine.

Exercise for Pain treatment

Now the thing is we know the problem you face but what could you actually do to cure them.

There are number of ways for treating these disease many are traditional or FDA approved medication some are not but still have proven to be very useful for many patients.

But before going into these details like any good doctor I would recommend you to work out, I know working all day may get you exhausted but trust me exercising is as important as eating food for survival and if you can get your body 30 minutes of exercise daily trust me most of your pains and diseases will just simply run away.

Secondly, try not to take pressure at least not psychological. Why?

Doctors have recorded experiments to prove most people get sick because they have too much stress in their life and for conditions like fibromyalgia and allodynia stress is the like thing you would want, because doctors have noted people with stress tend to have aggressive pain than those who are relaxed.

fibromyalgia and allodynia

Medication and therapy

If we follow on the medications for such diseases there are many, some are approved but the authority specific for the condition but many patients have known to feel relaxed and no pain with some other anti-depressants but anti-epileptics/pregabalin has shown tremendously good results.

Some patients have known to sleep better and waking up to stronger body especially for fibromyalgia patients as well as allodynia patients. But there are downside to this as well as some elders have reported to have felt no relief from the medication.

Some other natural recommendations form the doctors include message therapy or chiropractic manipulation which has helped patient relieved from stress and ultimate defeat the condition these cases have been reported by both fibromyalgia and allodynia patients.

Acupuncture has been one of the oldest recorded treatment for chronic pains in our body and still they have proved to be beneficial for many patients. There also have been proven studies that have proved the usefulness of acupuncture for fibromyalgia treatment.


Overall you can find many medications or therapist to help you fight this pain, sometimes the combinational medication takes time to produce results but personally speaking as a patient of these pain I have felt much better after acupuncture or message therapy although the effect does not last long but in the long run my pain have decreased and my minds can now focus on important things in life.


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